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Friday, July 28, 2006

Notes After an Absence 

Something must be motivating me to write this blog again. Could it be...hmmm lets see...the fact I am riding my bike again after a long time not?

A funny thing happenend to me on the way to Syracuse. well not so funny, I forgot to put my bikes in the moving truck!

Wife and I were living with friends on a farm in rurual southern new york, far away from stuff, and I wasn't riding my bikes really. So they were kept out in the garage that I never hardly went into. Then when we actually got to move day it was raining, and we were rushing, and we had so little time to get packed up, drive here, and unpack by ourselves the two of us, that I didn't grab me two bikes.

After a long sequestered winter in the 'cuse we finally took a trip back to the Brink late spring and I got my bikes, and after being away for 4 weeks in the Adirondacks, I am back in the 'cuse and back on my bike. Simple really. Who knows where this goes, if anywhere.

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