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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Perception of Bicyclists Speed Awry 

I've probably rambled about this before, but people who don't ride bikes have no clue how fast a person on a bike can travel, and it affects thier responses to you on the road. I've had people honking at me to get out of thier way just after a stoplight turns green after they first came upon me waiting there, and then a few stop signs further on and they are hopefully feeling like jerks for bugging me because I have left them behind quick after each stop.

Today, I had a car who made a right-turn-on-red directly in front of me, and I swear unless they were blind and had no clue I was there (this is the most scary to think about), they chose to pull out because they only saw poor little slow me on my bikey who they could get out ahead of, when in reality I had to slam on the brakes as I reared up on the car's backside as I was cruising through my green light at the intersection.

Anyway, I need some dry lube and maybe a few other little things, so have to check out my first bike shop in Syracuse. Anyone have any suggestions? I was probably going to Advance Cyclery since they give a discount to students, and I am officially one-part student among other things.

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