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Monday, September 11, 2006

Weathering the End of Summer 

Dang was it cold this morning. I wasn't expecting it. I know it is September, but I should have realized that the end of summer in Syracuse is like the beginning of fall in Pennsylvania where I am originally from. The thing is, the kind of cold hitting now is in that special zone, when if yuo're a bike rider you don't notice it until your cruising down the road. The cold doesn't hit while your walking your bike out, or buckling up your helmet and pack, or loafing down the drive to enter the street. But when the wind starts hitting you from the speed you are generating, well the fingers were frigid, and a chill was hitting me hard.

No sweat though, a few more turns of the crank and the blood starts heating up, and at that point a nice equilibrium sets in. Clothing choices right now are wierd too. I don't want to wear long pants or gloves or a windbreaker, becuase my morning route is all uphill or flat land, and I know I am going to get warm by the end even though it is only 20 minutes. So I still go now with the shorts, and tee-shirt and suck up the initial chill adn wait for the heat to kick in, but I know it won't be too long till those gloves come out.

Song of the Day: Road to Joy by Bright Eyes

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