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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


In addition to the ever ubiquitous ipod, I should also mention the ever present cell phone on the ear of pedestrian as they are crossing the road. Same issues as with the ipod listener last post. I really shouldn't have cleaned my rims this morning because during my procrastination of the past few weeks, my squeaky brakes have been the simplest warding-off pedestrians device I had. Saved my voice, no need to carry a whistle or horn, just squeeze those brakes and whoever is in front of you on a cell phone, won't be able to ignore that loud squeal. The girl last night literally jumped in the air and stared at me like a deer caught in the headlights, which she was as it was after dark and I had my lights on. I didn't have to say a word to her, my bike did all the talking.

As far as phones go, I don't have a cell, and what a bitch society can make it sometimes. All I wanted to do from Baker Hall last night was call home and let Sue know I was going to be over an hour late because of this intensely long and drawn out GIS project assignment. No luck. Couldn't call out on the house phones, didn't have a cell phone, and no pay phones in site. Maybe I just didn't know how to get an outside line on the campus phones, but the IT guy I asked said I couldn't do it, and they didn't work to get an outside line like the phone in my office space does either. Shouldn't it be a safety issue of some kind that phone access to off campus is available without having to own a cell phone? I'll have to see if I can find anything else out about this issue I have.

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