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Monday, April 21, 2008

Can you feel my speed? 

Word has it that you don't need to stop at traffic lights or stop signs, nor do you need to yield at yield signs, if you are riding a bicycle. This would have made a good April Fool's post, no?

It ain't true of course. Myself, on a bicycle, I often am buzzed by bicyclists who are not stopping when they should be, and end up almost running into me. Case in point, the other day I am stopped at a 4-way stop sign, and proceeding to make a right, when the bicyclists coming straight from the left blows his stop sign and we are forced to swerve away from each other. If this bothers me, and other fellow bicyclists, do you imagine what choice words car drivers are having for these folks? Way to garner that good will for sharing the road, my fellow cyclists, keep up the good work (sarcasm in case you didn't get it)!

So I get passed many, many times when I am sitting at a red light, and a cyclist comes up along my right side and blows through the light without even slowing down. Incredulity rises within me at moments like these, and I take it upon myself to hunt them down and blow past them on the next straight-away, just to prove that all that not-stopping ain't getting them anywhere quicker than me, who was stopped, and just because it makes me feel good to hammer it down and fly by. Jerk. ; > )

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