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Friday, April 11, 2008


Wow, looking at my last entry. Has it been that long since I have posted. I probably don't have many readers anymore, so I might have to start from ground zero again, that is if I keep up with my postings this time around.

Anyway, I thought it was ironic that the first time I got my bike out to ride this Spring, was to get back from the auto garage where I dropped off my car to get an ABS sensor replaced. I took it to Fehlman Brothers over on James and Midler, and had to bike back up to Westcott from there. Anyone recommend a good auto shop closer to Westcott?

Truth is I have not been riding my bike much, because I have been walking. It is only a 20-30 minute walk to school and work (depending on how fast I go, and what part of campus is my destination), so I really enjoy that time and the exercise over a quick 5 minute pedal. I usually listen to a tech podcast, or maybe an alt-country or roots rock show on my phone MP3 player. Sometimes I listen to my own thoughts or the world around me. Sometimes I solve all my problems with my striding legs (can you feel my speed?).

Though if I am ever late it is nice to have the bike at the ready. It's been sitting in the basement all winter, which is a good space, not damp or anything. And all I needed to do was pump up the tires to pressure. I have some other stories and experiences to tell about already this Spring though, so I plan on being back blogging again real soon. Stay tuned.

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