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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Step Right Up and Win a Prize! 

I've never won a bicycle in my life, you know as a prize, but I certainly feel like I should have, I mean who doesn't, who doesn't feel that sense of elect? "I should/will win that bike because I deserve it". And I'm talking bikes now because this is bcn of course, but also because bicycles seem to be one of the prizes that so many contests turn to in their time of need. I have a applied for so many raffles, contests, etc that had a bicycle as a prize, just two most recently in fact.

One I don't even remember where I applied, it is such a commonplace thing to do so. The other was a sponsored raffle drawing by a company vendor at Natur-Tyme health and natural foods store. And the thing is, I don't need a bike. I love the one I got baby. But we always want to win something don't we. So that brings me to the speculation of how many bicycles are sitting in garages going unused because people enter contests for them who are not going to use them?

I for one, would use a bike I won or find a good home for it if it didn't fit for example. I am sometimes on the lookout for a good second bike, not that I don't like the blue Giant I have, just that it is a tad too small for my frame. Can you not imagine the 45 year old housewife shopping at the grocery store, entering the contest, telling herself she will start riding the bike, then having it sit in the corner for years to come? Hopefully, she has children or grandkids to bestow the treasure upon.

I'm just wildly speculating here, it is early, I am up up and can't get back to sleep, not even to dream about a shiny new bike.


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