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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bikes in Storage 

Well, it comes down to this. I am traveling for a bit this summer, and have moved out of my apartment, and I am going out of country. So the bikes of mine (sweet little bikes of mine, they gonna let their love light shine!) are in storage. My main bike was literally the last thing I put away, as I held onto it to use until the very last moment. I will miss them, though of course, not in the same way as the people I love. I'll probably still post here though, as in Iceland, there may very well be biking opportunities or related stories. Anyone been to Iceland by the way and want to pass on your story? If it is bicycle related I'll even post it as a guest blogger post.

I am even hoping to get my hands on a used bike while at the forest house I'll be living at to ride around the country roads, or maybe there is already one or two sitting there waiting for riders, after all, lots of itinerant travelers come and go for this internship position, and you would think someone had gone through the trouble of having some bikes on hand? We'll see. peace.

Listening to: Sigur Ros

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