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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Left for Good 

Well, I guess this is an example of what can happen when you are lax about locking up your bike properly. What I do when parking in any public place is use the dual lock method. Lightweight cord lock around frame, and rack, and through front wheel; then U-lock through rear wheel, frame and rack. This protects everything.

As you can see, this unfortunate soul only had their front wheel locked up, and someone made off with the rear wheel, which according to my knowledge is the second most expensive part of a bike to replace after the frame when you consider it contains the wheel, frame and cog set.

I had at first thought maybe this rider just had a flat and took the rear wheel home to replace it, but alas, I've been keeping an eye on this beauty as I walk by on occasion crossing the S.U. campus, and it has been in this location and in this condition for about a whole year now. Vandalized and abandoned, wonder when the S.U. staff will remove this bike?

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